Monday, September 08, 2008

Oh how I love thee, let me count the ways!

Dear beloved Google,

I am sending you this happy birthday message a few days late and I’m ashamed.

You and all of your beautiful apps and gadgets are the sunshine of my internet world. Your efficiency and usability set my heart a flutter and leave me mad with desire for more. How I long to stroke the queries and spiders of your search function, to be embraced in your comforting Gmail arms and taste just a drop of the sweetness that is YouTube, Blogger, Picasa, iGoogle and more….

Passion this strong cannot be quelled in a moment, but must be explored for a lifetime. I visit the swell of your electronic busom daily seeking the succor you deliver to my knowledge and social networking needs. The way you take possession of desirable internet companies ingnites a spark in me that I cannot explain with mere words and leaves me breathless.

Please do not hold my faux pas against me as losing you would crush my very being and leave me as a mere husk of a woman.

Thank you for all that you have provided in your first 10 years and all that you will be in my life now and for always.

Love, kisses and unmentionables,

Your biggest fan



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