Tuesday, September 09, 2008

Saw an article for the new iPod Nano Apple just released. Apparently you can now make it switch songs by shaking it. So started the following chain of e-mails between me and my buddy J.

From: Chars

so will it change songs every 2 seconds if I go jogging with it? LoL


From: J

As if you jog... lol

From: Chars

smart butt. Hmph You never know. Maybe I'll wake up one morning with this huge desire to jog around the block and then what? iPod catastrophe!

From: J

By the time you jog, they'll be out with another version... No need to worry yourself :P

Damn, I live a charmed life. LoL This conversation actually reminds me of one of favorite greeting cards. There's a funny comic fat lady on the front of the card dressed in sweats and it says - "I recently took up jogging." On the inside it says - "But I had to quit, it was bad for my health. My underwear kept catching on fire."


So wrong, so wrong...


Anonymous said...

Oh my goodness.
I just randomly found your blog, and have found myself laughing quite earnestly.

=D Keep up the good blogs!


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