Tuesday, September 23, 2008

American badass....

I like to think of myself as a fairly tough chick. I try not to take too much crap from anyone and I'm not afraid to get a little dirty. But, even we ballsy women have a limit. I think a few of us found that out this weekend.

Went to a bonfire and Jenn and John's house Saturday night. While we were sitting around the fire in the dark, this creepy noise started coming from the woods. It seriously sounded like one of those plastic giggle/groan tubes being shaken and moving closer to us slowly, but there was no noise like footsteps or leaves crackling or sticks breaking. John said he'd heard it before, too. They busted out the mega-spotlight flashlight and looked and looked but never saw anything moving and the noise finally went away after two appearances. Wayyy creepy. Guess the verdict is we think it was either a baby deer, a coyote, or the spirits of the undead coming to eat out brains! LoL

Then, later on at like 2 in the morning there was a noise right along the edge of the trees that sounded like something growling! Let me say you have never seen two girls jump outta lawn chairs so fast! My cousin and I jumped up and hid behind everyone while John looked for the flashlight, since we were the closest to the sound. And what did we find once the light was shining brighly on our culprit this time.....?

A little kitten that was MAYBE 6 months old coughing up a hairball and mewling/groaning in a pitiful way.

Yeah, I don't see any bravery awards coming my way anytime soon. Anyone wanna take me to a haunted house this year and see what happens? LoL

Sample of a giggle/groan tube -



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