Friday, December 05, 2008


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I have no less than 14 half-completed blog posts/ideas just laying around in my writing drafts. Each time I open one, I add a little more or to it or do the "eh, maybe later" shrug.

I need motivation. I need a voice of reason. I need an editor.

So.... I am giving you, the READER, the power. In the comments below pick a number from 1 to 14 and those will be the posts I finish and put up here next. I'll complete them in the order your comments come in, so don't delay!

As a teaser on what you might pick, the pile of possibilities includes (in no specific order):

• info on my to-do before 30 list
• rants about MySpace ads
• upcoming goals
• my goofy obsessions
• thoughts on provocative quotes and poems
• a stupid survey
• Herbie dating stories
• a general flashback
• holiday wishes

Choose wisely.... or be bored outta your gourd!

Friday, November 21, 2008

Ho Ho Holidays....

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Ok. Let me start off by saying I am not a Scrooge.

Christmas is not my 1 holiday, but that's probably because the real meaning behind it has been lost in the shuffle of consumerism (that I participate in along with everyone else, and which fuels my paycheck, so I cannot bitch too loudly)

It also because we went through a bit of a Christmas drought after my grandfather died. There were no trees or decorations and there was much temporary bah humbugness (for like 10 years....)

But, I do enjoy the holiday. I love getting things for my family and friends. (there's a thrill in the hunt for something that perfectly fits their personality or needs), I like helping others and enjoy the volunteer stuff I can do, I like pulling out the ornaments and decor that has memories associates with it. (The ornaments made as a kid, the grandfather nativity) I love baking, looking at *tasteful* light displays, drinking cocoa, singing carols and just general jolliness....

But the whole decorate and start shoving stuff down my throat before Thanksgiving is a bit much for me. And gaudy, over the top, blinking nightmares make me twitch.

There are a few people in my neighborhood that get wayyy too into the "crap in my yard" festivities.

One person has so much mismatched stuff it looks like the yard sale where Christmas decorations go to die. Old school giant plastic candles and candy canes are mixed in with giant blow-up bohemouth snowmen, carousel snowglobes, reindeer, toy soldiers and Grinch's. Santa is crawling up the side of the house on an animated light ladder with an elf and a pile of presents, while he's also on the ground driving the sleigh, which is pulled by like 10 tiny, awful, blinking reindeer. And there's a light-up train. And the whole thing is surrounded by technicolor draped shrubbery and corkscrew Christmas trees in unnatural colors.

And this week, one guy put so many blinking, chasing, strobbing lights in his front yard it looks like a landing strip for jet arliners. Most of them are blue, and none of the coordinate with the blinking. GAH!!! Here, let me add a technicolor pile of fresh barf to the front yard to accent the entire fiasco. Can we at least work on a theme, other than "burn out my neighbor's retinas?"

I have to admit, I am glad the one neighbor right next door to me got foreclosed on and moved as I may have popped my lid and gone nutty fruitcake on them this year. At the after Christmas sale last year they bought one of those blow up carousel snowglobes.... but theirs was the "deluxe" version. It also played music. Loudly. On repeat. Same damn carol over, and over, and over. I seriously wanted to turn that thing into an oversized punching back. her husband got wise after a few glaring looks when I came home and took the stupid things own after a few days. "holidays are over honey...." Do we see the irony in the fact that they could not pay their rent/mortgage and lost their home, they complained in front of their kids that there was no money for presents that year, but they had money to blow on an expensive piece of plastic crap? yes, it was on sale, but it still had to cost quite a bit. Hope that snowglobe doubles as a comfy tent for 5, plus 3 dogs. I try not to judge, but sometimes people make it VERY difficult. (did I mention they also beat their dogs.... and verbally abused their kids? And I'm not even bringing up the damn treehouse they built with windows that overlooked my privacy fence, providing HOURS of entertainment for me as I tried to relax in the pool in my backyard, or grill out or do yardwork in peace. Oh, damn. I did bring it up.... Oh yes... they were lovely.)

~deep breath. end rant.~

I already started Christmas shopping and next weekend I'll bust out some decorations and baking stuff. Till then, I'll just chill in my little "fall/thanksgiving" world. :-)

To prove I am not scroogie, what is the one thing you are most looking forward to this holiday season (Turkey day through New Year's)? Comment below!

Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Happy German Girl!

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Mom and I found the best German import store while wandering around near the Westside Market this weekend. It's called Hansa Import Haus (2717 Lorain Ave. Cleveland, OH 44113) They have a whole pile of my fave items: Duplo chocolate bars, Kinder Eggs, various Maggi and Knorr cooking items, baking items, killer beer, and magazines!!! I even got to practice a bit of my language skills.

I'm extra excited because this means I can finally make some of the baking recipes I've been hoping to try. (German baking soda, vanilla sugar etc, are a bit different that US ingredients, so they can drastically change the taste and results)

I'll post pics from my snazzy new phone tomorrow to show off my finds...the phone is the other exciting weekend news. My inner techie geek is VERY happy!

So, even though the weekend sucked because I spent a large chunk of it in my work cube cranking out a Web site, I founds some very happy highlights. :-) (yes, the Website is finally live and kicking, too. If you know the URL pop on and check it out. I'm rather proud of what JW and I did. If you don't know the URL, ask and I'll e-mail it. Not posting it here, sorry.)

Now, if you'll excuse me. I'm going home to read about the German opinion on our recent election choices (Spiegel magazine), while drinking a Warsteiner Orange (never had one before) and nibbling a cheese brotchen.... Ja, ja, ja!

Monday, November 03, 2008

Use your power, go vote!

I was taught from an early age that voting is important. If you don't vote tomorrow, you technically have no right to complain about anything the new administration does for the next 4 years or complain if your taxes go up because of a levy or you lose your job because a law changes. Why? Because you chose to not have a voice when you had a chance to be heard and counted. There is a reason people have died for this right. It's powerful!

Yes, the lines will be long. Yes, you will be surrounded by people with opinions different from your own. Yes, sometimes picking who and what to vote for isn't easy.

I have avoided talking about who I am voting for because as much as I'd love to share my political views with you, I think it's far more important for you to do a little research and make up your mind on your own. Only you know what is right for you and what you feel is best for our country. The people you are voting for make our laws, and act as the voice and face of our country to the entire world. The choice we make impacts everyone, even those outside of our borders. Trust me. As a person who lived outside of this country for a year, who our President is matters BIG TIME on how people in other nations view us. You would be amazed at what you see about politics and America on the news in Europe. Even though I have my degree in journalism, I am 100% certain that our "free press" isn't as free and open as we'd like to think it. We tend to live a very sheltered and selfish American-driven life.

If you're torn and need some help understanding the candidates and issues, visit the special voter's guide on that lets you view your local ballot by entering your address (

This video is a little outdated, because it asks you to register to vote. But, the points it makes are still valid. (and if you can't trust me, who better to trust than a crapload of famous people!?!) ;-)

Tuesday, October 28, 2008

I don’t think I will ever grow out of...

...wanting to buy pointless crap from the quarter (now $0.50) machines at grocery stores and restaurants. There's something that sucks me into some of those little trinkets and makes me smile like a dork.

I am especially fond of the fake tatoos, stickers, glowing things and goofy jewelry. (and if they still had slime machines, I would certainly buy some of the goo and freak people out with it for fun)

I remember getting all excited about which machine to pick as a kid. J and I went out to lunch with a friend and her daughters a few weeks ago and it was so much fun watching them open the little plastic egg enclosed treasures.

Lord help me if I ever have kids. They are going to be little junk machine junkies like me!
I think I'll start a new blog feature, the Junk Machine treasure hunt. I can post pics of what I find and if anyone else finds anything good, they better share, too!

Hey, it's better thank smoking or boozing it up as a dorky pasttime! ;-)

Reveille, Brut cologne and overalls...

Today I miss the person who was the most important man in my life to date, my grandfather. Not that I don't miss him everyday, but for some reason I have really been thinking about him lately.

I basically grew up with 3 parents: my mom, my grandpa and my grandma. Mom and I lived next door to my grandparents. In the years before I started school and after my grandpa retired from Firestone, I was with him all day while my mom was at work. After I was in school, I spent the summers with him. We'd do yard work, he'd putz around his little workshop in the basement, tinkering with crafty and technical projects, and we ran around and did errands.

When I was in 8th grade something happened to him (still not 100% clear on what or why, but it involved electrolytes that were low and some very bad decisions by a doctor) and grandma had to call the squad to come and get him. When we got the ER, I remember them telling us they had to resuscitate and intebate him and mom and gma getting furious because he had a DNR. I remember them telling us he might not make it. I remember going into the bathroom and kicking and punching the stall door so hard it dented in the middle and a nurse came in and yelled at me. I remember after that he couldn't breath on his own and couldn't talk. I remember he wrote us notes in a notebook. His mind was all there, but his body wasn't cooperating. I remember taking him home and knowing that it was only because he didn't want to die in the hospital. I remember the day he stopped breathing. I was sitting at the kitchen table (his bed was set up in the living room) and I couldn't understand why no one was helping him, why my mom and gma who were nurses didn't stop it, why I wasn't allowed out of the kitchen....

I hate that as I get older, my memory of all the things about him starts to grow fuzzy. But there are some things I will always remember.

  • He would wake me up with Reveille. My grandfather served in the Army in WW2 and he had the most beautiful silver trumpet. And every now and then I would get an Army wake up call blasted in my room.
  • He loved to sing and whistle. On the days he didn't wake me up with Reveille, I would sometimes get serenaded by opera music. He'd throw a record on the player and sing along in a beautiful Tenor voice. I think it's all his fault that I appreciate classical music, love to sing (even opera - it was my dream as a kid to sing with Pavarotti and I'd sing along whenever he was on PBS) and find foreign languages fascinating.
  • Whisker face. He called his facial hair his whiskers. On days when he'd get scruffy, if he was hugging me, he'd rub his chin or cheek on my forehead or cheek because he knew it grossed me out as a kid that it felt like sandpaper. After he'd shave, he always smelled like Brut cologne/aftershave. I remember running up to feel his cheek when I'd smell that. I admit, I still have his old bottle of Brut in my mementos box and the smell still reminds me of him.
  • Boxers and under shirts. My grandfather was most certainly king of his castle. When he was done working he'd lounge around in boxers, a white men's undershirt, knee-high white socks and slippers. he would read his newspaper and if anyone came to visit, he'd flip the edge down and say hello and if they didn't like his outfit they could leave. It was so funny.
  • The baby blue pick up. The car I remember most that he had was a little baby-blue Ford pick-up. It had a cap over the bed and he had a seat bolted in there that my cousin and I sometimes took turns riding in.
  • Overalls. Whenever he worked outside he'd wear these dark denim overalls and flannel shirts.
  • Her treated my grandma like she was the only woman in the world and loved her completely.
  • He made the best scrambled eggs and he'd always buy the big Texas glazed donuts and cut them up to share.
  • He bet me that if I made it through my 6th grade year with perfect attendance he'd give me a $100 bill. I won the bet.
  • My grandma had a Nativity set that we all loved to play with at Christmas. He made handmade copies of it's barn for his daughters and grandkids. 2 years ago I found the perfect match to my grandmas Jesus, Mary and Joseph for mine. (and one sheep LoL)
  • He loved birds, domestic and wild. he always had cockatiels and he'd teach them to ride around on his shoulder in the house, and they'd steal crumbs off his lips and chin when he ate toast.
  • He let my cousin and I dress him up with doll clothes and silly things. (I have a pic, I'll have to scan and post it)
  • He was the president of our county's Democrat Party for a while. I remember going to the meetings with him and still run into some of the politicians I met back then off and on. It started my interest in how politics work...
  • He built all the rock walls on my family's property by had with no help. They are beautiful sandstone walls and they don't use any concrete.
  • He bought me my first bike and taught me how to ride.
  • We always went on the best road trips with him to different places all over the state.
    He loved camping.
  • He loved model trains and always dreamed of setting up a hardcore display of them in the basement to tinker with. He sadly never got to do that.
  • He'd always sneak over to our house for coffee on the mornings he'd accidentally wake my grandma up too early and get in trouble. (She was not big on getting woke up early on her days off and he was always an early bird.)
  • He told the best stories and had the best laugh.
  • I wish I had know back then how short our time together was going to be. I wish I had asked more questions and paid more attention. I still wish he was here.

I hope that he'd be proud of who I've become and I look forward to seeing him again someday so I can share with him all the stories he's missed out on.

I wish you all could have met him. I think you'dve loved him just as much as I did. Guess I just wanted to share a little about him with you. Thanks for reading.

Wednesday, October 08, 2008

Mullet alert!

Bathroom confidential...

Can I just say it's cruel and unusual punishment to close the bathroom without warning when a person has been faithfully drinking her 8 glasses a day of H2O? Can I add that I am usually so busy I wait till I'm at the "OMG I have to Pee!!!!" stage before I wander from my desk to go? And then you send me all the way across the building to the creepy, dark and scary bathroom that no one wants to use, and those that use it are usually given dirty looks because of it's proximity to people's cubes. And fifty bazillion people stop me to chit chat along the way as my bladder threatens to jump out of my body and bounce it's merry way to the bathroom unaccompanied. If you talked to me this afternoon and I was making funny faces, now you know why! (I wasn't just gonna say "sorry, gotta run and pee!" Somehow that oversteps to the coworker sharing level.)

On that note, can I also add a little "Hello" to the work bomb droppers. Go somewhere else or at least courtesy flush! Screw water preservation in the circumstance - preserve my damn nose and sanity! Seriously. Eat some fiber or something. And buy those infomercial toilet drops that block the stench of death. I really don't need to walk through a looming cloud of the fragrance of what you digested 3 weeks ago. It's like hitting a death wall. GAG! No, really. I've gagged and just left the restroom without my own potty break because of this on several occasions.

Nasty, nasty, nasty.... Not like work bathrooms aren't nasty enough sometimes. You'd be surprised what a bunch of grown women will do in a lavatory that's not in their own home. Can we please try to be a little more lady-like and less like animals in the forest? At least some of the animals scratch up some dead leaves and dirt to cover it up. Eesh....

Monday, October 06, 2008

And to all you Joe 6 packs out there....

The last part cracks me up because I told someone this weekend that I finally found motivation for them to watch the debates, if only there were one more VP version. Maverick? CHUG! LoL Sorry - she is like a human cartoon character. How can you not love the SNL mockery, no matter which way you lean politically?

Thursday, September 25, 2008

Playing with balls...

...get your mind out of the gutter.

No, really! The gutter is a bad place to be when it comes to this post. (And you shouldn't be a pervy-pervington. Shame on you!)

Last night kicked off the 08/09 bowling league season. It's a work league and I love it because of the people I get to hang out with. There have been nights when I've laughed so hard I cried. I'm all about the socializing...

The team I'm on is in it for pure fun. We're not super competitive, which is a very good thing considering that up till when I joined the league I had bowled maybe 2 times in my life TOTAL. I will even confess that I've had the lowest average on the league for the last 2 years. Even lower than the cute little 84 year old lady who bowls with a 4 lb. ball... But all that is changing folks! Last night we set starting averages for the year and I had one wild night. I'm sitting at 117 to start. I'm excited, because my average has never been above 100, but also a little scared since I'm not sure I can keep up with this one.

But, enough on the bowling...

I've been avoiding talking about the weight loss situation the last 2 weeks because I've been crazy busy at work and kind of stressed. Lots of big projects are hitting at the same time, which means a lot of late nights and I'm feeling a little wacky. I've been eating ok, but sometimes I don't get to grab something till late or don't eat anything at all. I'm guessing my body is kinda pissed at me. I did pop in the gym a few times (thank goodness for their early/late hours), but I have been avoiding the trainer. Once I get a few of these work things completed, I might suck it up and go deal with him, but right now he'll probably just frustrate me.

I weigh in tomorrow for WW, so we'll see what happens...

Tuesday, September 23, 2008

American badass....

I like to think of myself as a fairly tough chick. I try not to take too much crap from anyone and I'm not afraid to get a little dirty. But, even we ballsy women have a limit. I think a few of us found that out this weekend.

Went to a bonfire and Jenn and John's house Saturday night. While we were sitting around the fire in the dark, this creepy noise started coming from the woods. It seriously sounded like one of those plastic giggle/groan tubes being shaken and moving closer to us slowly, but there was no noise like footsteps or leaves crackling or sticks breaking. John said he'd heard it before, too. They busted out the mega-spotlight flashlight and looked and looked but never saw anything moving and the noise finally went away after two appearances. Wayyy creepy. Guess the verdict is we think it was either a baby deer, a coyote, or the spirits of the undead coming to eat out brains! LoL

Then, later on at like 2 in the morning there was a noise right along the edge of the trees that sounded like something growling! Let me say you have never seen two girls jump outta lawn chairs so fast! My cousin and I jumped up and hid behind everyone while John looked for the flashlight, since we were the closest to the sound. And what did we find once the light was shining brighly on our culprit this time.....?

A little kitten that was MAYBE 6 months old coughing up a hairball and mewling/groaning in a pitiful way.

Yeah, I don't see any bravery awards coming my way anytime soon. Anyone wanna take me to a haunted house this year and see what happens? LoL

Sample of a giggle/groan tube -

Sunday, September 14, 2008

fashion advice from the fashionably unfashionable...

This is an open letter to the women of the world,

I admit, I am no fashion maven. The only reason I know what Jimmy Choo and Manolo Blanic are is from watching Sex and the City. But don't ask me to identify them on the street - I would be clueless. I'm more a Lane Bryant/Wal-Mart/Fashion Bug kinda girl. But even I can spot some serious fashion "don't"s when out and about.

First, let's talk about a topic near and dear to everyone's hearts, literally and figuratively. Breasts.

I know men dig them, and those of us who have them like to flaunt them. But, the older and wiser you get, the more your boobs should be viewed as an acessory instead of the entire outfit. Let's be honest - unless I know you really well I should not have intimate knowedge of just how big and what color your areolas and nips are. Put that shit away. Leave something to the imagination, and for the love of God - give those puppies some support. Your 10 year older self will thank you when you don't have to dodge tucking your boobies accidentally into the waistband of your pants. To an extent the jiggle is hot to guys I'm sure, but when it looks like they're going to take flight, it's just disturbing.

But, enough about the "the girls." Let's move on to lower persuits, the waistline.

Your pants need to fit. In your real size. If they don't and you're just obsessed with a number and grab pants too small you get the phenomenon called muffin top. Basically this means you look like you have a tiny waist/butt (congrats) but your upper body is all fluffed out and you look like a walking human lollipop (oh, bummer). This is not at all cute. We all know where all that stuff actually belongs so you're not fooling anyone. Knock it off. It has to hurt - how do you breath?? And we don't wanna see your undies or your crack either. Please - do you want me to swipe my ATM card and see if you make change or attempt to flick a quarter in between your buttcheeks, cause you look like a piggy bank? Your mom called - she's not proud.

And one more area of discussion - your feet.

Stop buying shoes that don't fit! Gah! If you little piggies aren't actually sitting on shoe, the shoe doesn't fit! You look like a parrot on a perch with nasty claw toes. And just because they have an awesome pedicure, it doesn't make up for the fact that your toes are hanging out of your shoes. This is why they invented actual peep-toe shoes and sandals.

Again, I'm not saying I don't have a million things wrong with what I wear on a daily basis. I'm just venting on things that drive me nutty fruitcake.

Thanks for being my internet therapist,


Friday, September 12, 2008

Got peach butt?

I do! Courtesy of my lunch on Thursday, you get fruit mooned!

"Oh crap!"

Surfing the channels last night and I came across what has to be the goofiest TV show I have ever seen. It was a train wreck and a half, so of course I couldn't tear my eyes away. (I waste many an hour of my life on stupid crap, what can I say) The show is Fox's "Hole in the Wall," and adaptation of a Japanese gameshow. I had 2 friends call/text me while I was starring at it to say "OMG - are you watching what I am watching?" A least I'm not alone is my loser-ness. LoL

Before I share my reponse to the show, let me help explain it to you. Remember those red puzzle ball's you (or a child you know) had as a baby - the ones where there were different shaped holes and little pieces you had to try and fit into the ball by shoving them through the correct holes? This is basically like that, but with people and the hole you have to fit in moves. Oh, and if you screw up, it knocks you into a pool of water.

And the people on the show - they have to wear the WORST outfits I have ever seen a human willingly wear. I'm sorry, but there is not enough prize money in the world to get me into one of those silver suits on national television - and I'm not exactly shy! They look like little human Chipotle burittos wrapped in foil, with every bump and curve on display for the world. Ummm. No.

Last night's show was apparently "try to see if fat people can fit through a tiny, tiny hole" night. Extra hell no. My boobs and butt simply would not work on this show - let alone the rest of me. GAH! They had on sumo wrestlers and some little chubby ladies called the Georgia Peaches. The one girl seriously cracked me up. I could feel her pain as she exclaimed "Oh Crap!" I would've said the same damn thing. My leg has not been that far behind my head since high school. Here's the snippet with her in it. I love the "Oh crap!" face. :-)

I could not stop laughing! I might check the show out again, just for the entertainment value, but I'm doing it strictly online so I can quickly skim for the good parts and skip the lames ones. You can check it out too, if you curious and want to waste some time -

I'm loving the comments (And shame on those of you who read my stuff and left none - this time it's your turn!) here's a question for you - would YOU go on this gameshow? Is there a gameshow you would LOVE to be on? Do tell, do tell!

Tuesday, September 09, 2008

Saw an article for the new iPod Nano Apple just released. Apparently you can now make it switch songs by shaking it. So started the following chain of e-mails between me and my buddy J.

From: Chars

so will it change songs every 2 seconds if I go jogging with it? LoL

From: J

As if you jog... lol

From: Chars

smart butt. Hmph You never know. Maybe I'll wake up one morning with this huge desire to jog around the block and then what? iPod catastrophe!

From: J

By the time you jog, they'll be out with another version... No need to worry yourself :P

Damn, I live a charmed life. LoL This conversation actually reminds me of one of favorite greeting cards. There's a funny comic fat lady on the front of the card dressed in sweats and it says - "I recently took up jogging." On the inside it says - "But I had to quit, it was bad for my health. My underwear kept catching on fire."


So wrong, so wrong...

Monday, September 08, 2008

Oh how I love thee, let me count the ways!

Dear beloved Google,

I am sending you this happy birthday message a few days late and I’m ashamed.

You and all of your beautiful apps and gadgets are the sunshine of my internet world. Your efficiency and usability set my heart a flutter and leave me mad with desire for more. How I long to stroke the queries and spiders of your search function, to be embraced in your comforting Gmail arms and taste just a drop of the sweetness that is YouTube, Blogger, Picasa, iGoogle and more….

Passion this strong cannot be quelled in a moment, but must be explored for a lifetime. I visit the swell of your electronic busom daily seeking the succor you deliver to my knowledge and social networking needs. The way you take possession of desirable internet companies ingnites a spark in me that I cannot explain with mere words and leaves me breathless.

Please do not hold my faux pas against me as losing you would crush my very being and leave me as a mere husk of a woman.

Thank you for all that you have provided in your first 10 years and all that you will be in my life now and for always.

Love, kisses and unmentionables,

Your biggest fan

Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Just pondering out loud...

Why, even when you think you are in total control of what you think and you feel does your mind and your heart still pop some suprises on you? Aren't you the master of your own destiny or something like that? Shouldn't a grown woman have some sort of an off button or something? Like a parachute as you hurtle toward the ground or a airbag in a front end crash or even one of those little beeping alarms that tell people they're too close when backing up? LoL

I feel like the girl in the book who asks for boobies from God (Are You There God? It's Me, Margaret, by Judy Blume) -

Are you there God? It's me, Chars. Can I please get a life safety feature or two installed? Maybe one of those fancy schmancy air pillow fluffy things that stunt people who jump out of windows land on? I'd be willing to pay extra for emotional airbags. And no, my boobs don't count. No matter how big they are. And maybe a roadmap so I can figure what the heck I'm doing would be nice. Or some detour signs? Or breadcrumbs? Thanks! That'd be peachy. Amen.

In all seriousness though, I've been doing a lot of thinking, honest praying and soul searching recently. Haven't found any answers yet, and not sure I will anytime soon. Just hoping for some mental clarity, calm and patience. Things all of us could use a little more of from time to time.

Last weekend was a lot of fun. I loved going to the fair and seeing so many people I'd hadn't seen in a long time. Being there just reminded me why Portage County is still home in my heart and where I probably need to be (at least closer to) long-term. I feel like I'm more me when I'm there and spending time with all the people there. It's a different vibe than Cleveland. (guess that's part of my soul searching, too)

My heart is heavy with things I wish I could talk about to you all, but they're too personal. I guess the people that need to know, already know what I'm talking about. For those that don't and care to, just say a little prayer for requests unspoken in the universe in general and I'm sure God will place a few of the ones I'm thinking about on that general list of billions and billions. LoL

Hope all is going well with you, dear friends and blog readers. Let's be thankful it's hump day and all look forward to Labor Day weekend!

Friday, August 22, 2008

Multimedia message

Sometimes a fun night can be a ton of fun and still make you feel old. I am posting this from the 'Po county' fair. Ran into a lot of people from high school that i have not seen in years, and a ton of the kids (who are now teens or in college!) from the lake where i lifeguarded in the summers thru college. Gah i feel old!

Thursday, August 21, 2008

More Harry pics and video...

Baby Pics... he looked like he was sucking his thumb when he was sleeping...

And he kinda looked like an alien for a while. Poor guy!

He's in the pile somewhere having dinner with his family:

Looking for a home: Mr. Harry Houdini

This cute little guy was the runt of the family. He was bottle fed and raised by hand. He has all his shots and a clean bill of health, is box trained and almost 4 months old. He's still very small, but has a voracious appetite. Sometimes he eats so fast and fervently that he gets food stuck up his nose! Very lovable and playful, with a motorboat purrbox. He's a tough guy though. Not at all afraid of the adult cats in our home. He'll play with any of them and loves it! Know anyone looking for a cute little addition to their family? Let them know about Harry! He seriously needs a family of his own to love!

Harry protects his chipmunk ferociously LoL

Tuesday, August 12, 2008

New kittens from the feral colony a.k.a. "the army"

My mom lives in rural Ohio and has become a cat lady, by no choice of her own. People are always abandoing cats on or near our property and they always find their way to her. The neighbors also have barn cats they refuse to fix (which is annoying as all get out) so, my mom's yard has become a feline paradise and she feeds them twice a day, attempts to get them medical care and we are working to get all the females spayed. Not an easy task since many of these cats are untouchable. Sigh...

A whole pile of ratlings... err, I mean kittens!
They are so goofy looking when they are this small.

This one my mom has started calling "the ghost"

Monday, August 11, 2008

My smart bumps aren't so smart...

For as long as I can remember I've had 3 tiny little bumps on my scalp. In the last 2 years they have grown in size and been joined by three neighbors. In the last 3 months, they have become large enough to be annoying, and get irritated/painful when I comb my hair.

I don't know about you, but bumps on my body kinda freak me out. Especially on my head. I of course used the treatment method of "search for it on the internet and self diagnose, then ignore if not life threatening." This past month I gave up and had them checked. My doctor and I agree that we think they are sebaceous cysts or epidermal cysts (Good lord don't google that for pics, unless you have a strong stomach)

The definition of wat these are from is "A sebaceous cyst is a closed sac occurring just under the skin which contains a "pasty" or "cheesy" looking substance. A foul odor is also often present in the substance called keratin which fills sebaceous cysts. Keratin is a protein that creates the sac of cells called sebaceous cysts. The bumps or lumps you can feel under your skin are actually the sac of cells. "

Gross, huh?

Well, now I get the joy of having my first official surgery and the bumps and I will be parting ways on Aug. 18. I'm not a fan of needles or sharp objects being pointed towards my head so this should be fun.... gag

I am debating taking pics or video of the process and posting them here, because it would be fun to gross out the internet. But, then again, it might gross me out too much personally. We'll see.

Wednesday, August 06, 2008

Presenting: Fat Girl Gets Fit

Part of me is excited to be open and honest with you all about this part of my life, and the other part of me is scared to death you will judge me so harshly I'm gonna want to crawl in a hole and die. But, you only life once and life is an experiment. If I hate this, I can always get ride of it.

Here's my new blog (for those that want to follow the loss of the fatness) Fat Girl Gets Fit.

Tuesday, August 05, 2008

I joined Weight Watchers... or, how the fat girl became just "chubby"

I know I will never been barbie-skinny, but I do need to lose some of the junk in my trunk to get healthy. I started by getting a personal trainer at the gyma little over a year ago (which I am getting back into) and now I've joined Weight Watchers at work. My lardy-butt will be counting the points on everything that slips past my lips (and promptly migrates to my thighs) in hopes of getting down to just being a kinda chubby, cute chick in flips flops.

Right now I am struggling. I hate having to look up everything I eat and figuring out what the points are. It's kinda tedious. I'm sure that part gets more intuitive and easy as time goes on, or at least I HOPE it does.

I'll also be starting a second blog where all you curious onlookers can see what I've been eating and how much I've lost. (no, you don't get to know my exact weight, just the ups and downs pounds-wise) Nothing like having the entire internet to hold you accountable. Perhaps this will guilt me into behaving? We'll see how it goes. Watch for the link later this week.

Sunday, August 03, 2008

Thought for the day...

I have a few friends who think i should take a 6 month break from guys. Why? 9 months ago i broke up with my fiancee whom i had been dating for 6 years. He was cheating, alot. Then about 4 months ago i had a short dating thing that was basically a rebound relationship, i guess. It was short, really flirty and kinda outta character for me. (he was a bit of a wild child in some ways that I am not)

So... Here I am today.

They think I should take 6 months and focus on me and as one said "figure out how or why I am making bad decisions/choices on guys." And kinda figure out what I really want outta life in general.

I guess part of me thinks this is a good idea, but another part of me really doesn't want to. I'm talking to people (guys and gals, some I've known from the past and am catching up with, some who are new and I'm just getting to know. I kinda lived in a 2-person bubble for far too long (6 years) and cut people out as friends when I shouldn't have. I think as long as I look at it from that point of view, I'm being sensible and focusing on me, in a way that I didn't while I was with G. I'd call that a very good thing.

Besides, I'm 29 and need to live life, not put it on hold. Just need to take things slow, think before acting and try and be smart about the choices I make. :-)

Thursday, July 31, 2008

How i will survive the day...

Massive ammounts of coffee.

Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Mystery sock....

Dear person walking around with one sock on at work - hope you don't get a blister!

Monday, July 28, 2008

Boogie down and get funky...

This guy was totally jamming to some tunes at the bus stop. He had on a white Michael Jackson glove and everything. Kinda reminds me of the MJ guy freom the laudromat onetime when I was in the old apartment. I'll have to post that story on here someday... LoL

Friday, July 25, 2008


"people wear masks and its not till you start to feel for that person that the true face starts to show through............get use to it "

What the heck is the quote above supposed to mean? Someone posted it in their blog supposedly in reference to me. (At least I assume that because they kind of texted me the same thing)

I don't think I am ever anything other than me around anyone. Granted, I let myself go and be more goofy around some people, but it's still me.


I wish they would just explain! In English!

Wednesday, July 23, 2008

And this weekend I got attacked.... a kitten!

Why I love my cousin...

How many people do you know who spank their chicken when they shake and bake? LoL

And then she shake and baked it!

Friday, July 18, 2008

Fat Princess - Seriously?

There is a new game that is supposedly coming out for PS3 called "Fat Princess." There's info about it on the PlayStation US site that backs it up as more than a rumor. (

Seriously people. What are you thinking? Do you think I should pat you on the back because the little villagers still want to save their beloved princess even if she's blown up like a Macy's Day balloon since they last saw her? Should you be applauded for not just killing her off to put her out of her fat misery? Or should I do exactly what I am about to do and tell you this is lame. LAME! Wanna portray someone of size in a better light? Make a smoking hot fat chick (or even just a thick chick) a heroine in one of your games. Or at least make her a character option so I don't always have to pick the waiflike, slutty costume, ginormous fake boobs that would just get in the way, "I look like my wrists would snap in real life and I really need a cookie" girl options you leave me with when playing any sort of video game. Granted, I don't play games that much, but when I do get a chance to kick the butt of my guy pals, I'd like to do it in style! I'm sure Les Toil would be more than willing to concept something suitable for the gaming industry if they don't have any artists that can acknowledge curves. (He makes fat women look like cartoon goddesses! Thanks to him, Peter Paul Rubens and Fernando Bottero I was first inspired to believe that even though I'm big, I can still be sexy/pretty/hot, whatever you want to call it. )

As you all know I am a fat chick (Hello? If you didn't know, you shouldn't be shocked based on the name of the blog) so I tend to have serious opinions on this kind of thing. Doesn't mean that I wouldn't like to be thin(ner), just means I accept who I am no matter what. I'm never going to be a size 2. It's not in my genetics. (They'd have to cut bones out or something LoL)

But, I digress...

Thursday, July 17, 2008

Candles poolside...

Went for a late-night swim yesterday and lit some candles on the deck, so I didn't trip on the steps and to keep away the giant mosquitos. I love swimming by candlelight. So calming! I need to bust out the Tikki torches for next time. Yay!

Pool view...

I am such a water baby. I love my pool. Just need to make more time to hop in it!

Tuesday, July 15, 2008

As seen in the Brooklyn Lowes parking lot...

Beans, beans the musical fruit, the more you eat the more you - help America?


Monday, July 14, 2008


Well, I can officially no longer be called cougar. What did I learn from this experience? Sometimes even if someone is nice, fun and attractive, they can turn into a big turd.

No, wait. Scratch that. I really think I learned that I need to meet soemone that's somewhat more on the same level as I am. Someone who has had some experience on their own and has a better definition on who they are, what they want and where they are headed. Oh, and some emotional maturity and respect would be nice, too.

And I can now say I have officially experienced the millenium way to break up - I was broken up with via a text message. (if you don't count 3 weeks of not saying anything a way of breaking up) Which I kind of count - mentally I checked out over a week ago. I just needed official closure so I didn't feel like a creep if I talked to another guy if the opportunity showed itself. LoL

It's all a path.... and somewhere along it I'll meet the right person at the right time. And that my friends, will make it all worth it.

Until then, I am happy being me.

Thursday, July 03, 2008

My new baby..... Blu

*Disclaimer - I am a cheeseball who grew up with a family that named their cars and anthropomorphized them (a.k.a. gave them human traits) I know this might be strange to you, but that's just how it is. Some of that your family does is probably odd to me, too. I digress...

Well, this week was a sad and happy one in Casa De FlipFlopGirl. We lost a longtime family member as Herr Bugito, the yellow bug,was traded in to hopefully find a new family to be a faithful travelling companion for.

Seriously, from the first day I started driving all I wanted was a cute little bug. He was a great little car, but the technical issues of late were silly for a vehicle that was only 5 years old. (even Consumer Reports say the Bug's reliability is shot and they won't even rate it - otherwise I would ahve totally gone for a little convertible Beetle)

I had to think practically and decided a new car, under warranty, with identical EPA mileage estimates would be the best idea. But, saying goodbye was kind of sad.

And farewell very cool, very fun license plates (Have to think of something new)

But, on the the happy news! Meet Blu, my new 2008 Chevy HHR. This vehicle is totally a male - it's a cross between a car and a truck that my cousin and I call a "cruck," it's a funky blue color called Flash Blue Metallic, which turns kind of purple in the sun, and it has a very fun sunroof.

Tuesday, July 01, 2008

"Breathe" by Superchick....

Sometimes you hear a song and it reminds you of a point in your life and you know if that song had been around at that time, it would have been your personal anthem. The new song "Breathe" by Superchick, on their "Rock What You Got" CD is one of those songs for me.

When G and I broke up, everytime I would cry or have uber-negative (And honestly sometimes scary) thoughts, I would just repeat over and over "just breathe, all you have to do is breathe." It didn't make me feel any better, but it helped to calm me down a bit so I could do just that - breathe.

Sometimes I still have to tell myself to Breathe, for a variety of reasons. Most of the time it still works.

Friday, June 27, 2008

Spoiled child moment...

I feel like a cross between Pretty Woman (I just wanna buy a dress, I have money!) and Veruca Salt in Willy Wonka and the Chocolate Factor when she's singing "I Want it Now" in the gold egg room.

I know what kind of car I want, and I feel like a spoiled little child because I don't want somethign else. I really, really, really want an HHR. Is this too much to ask for? Apparently, because they can't seem to find one. (other than ugly "looks like an ambulance or a hearse" white, silver or gold ones - ewwww!)


I know I sound like a child, but can't help it. It happens sometimes. I guess I'll get over it. LoL

Friday, May 30, 2008

A cougar?

Someone at work (a guy) called me a cougar yesterday because I'm 29 and dating someone who's 5 years younger than me. What the heck? Does this make me a cougar? It's not like I trolled the bars looking for younger guys.... or that I am only attracted to younger guys. I just met him, liked him and it happened to be that he was younger. It wasn't like "damn, I want me some fine young 24 year old tush!" and that was all I was looking for. LoL I wasn't really looking. He was just there, fun and really, really cute!

Personally, I picture someone in their 40's, who looks younger than her actual age and dresses like a twenty-something, that only hits on young guys in bars. (picture skanky halter tops, mini skirts and heels...that may or may not look good) This is a cougar to me.

People - help me out here before I get a complex. What do YOU define as a cougar?

Thursday, May 29, 2008

I practice heliolatry...

I cannot wait to just sit outside with a good book and soak up some sun in my backyard (or my mom's yard). I wish the weather would even itself out enough to stay warm and nice for more than a day or two. LoL Oh well. Welcome to Ohio, Population: People who hate the weather.

Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Some days...

I think I made a mistake again.

I think I did what I always do.

I think I'm gonna be made a fool.

Somedays I wish for a life eraser.

Wouldn't that be lovely?

But some things never change...

Saturday, May 03, 2008


Wednesday, April 30, 2008

Multimedia message

Monday, April 07, 2008


I don’t want to be anything other than what I’ve been trying to be lately
All I have to do is think about me and I have peace of mind
I’m tired of looking ’round rooms wondering what I’ve got to do
Or who I’m supposed to be
I don’t want to be anything other than me

~Gavin DeGraw

Ok... mini status update. It’s been 6 months. At first I wasn’t sure of who the heck I was or what I was doing or how I was ever going to make it. (Upheaval in your life, especially the kind you don’t expect, is rough, but it happens. I’m not the first person to ever have been betrayed and had their heart broken, it just felt like that for a while.) But, you know what? Somewhere in the middle I figured it all out. I’m still stressed about the house, but I think I finally have an idea of what the heck I am doing and where I am going and who I want to be. And I *know* I am better off. I know it was the right choice for me.

Now when I go out, I don’t have that constant nagging, worrisome feeling in the pit of my stomach, like I’m being eaten from within. I don’t second guess when someone asks me to do something. I don’t feel like I am cut off from friends and a loner. I don’t feel like the person I love is slowly trying to break me (maybe not intentionally) with comments and criticism. I feel connected and loved and happy.

Yes, this whole debacle has changed who I am and how I look at things, but I don’t think I’m bitter because of it and the scars aren’t so bad. I guess they just add character.

Consider this me, closing the book on this chapter officially. I can’t say it never existed, but I can say it’s done. Goodbye.

Thursday, April 03, 2008

You know your week is improving when....

...when your friends make you laugh so hard you cry serious tears.... And the next day you make them laugh so hard they almost pee their pants. :-)

I mean, seriously, have you ever noticed certain people look like cartoon characters, famous people in the media and ummm.... other people. HAHA I know, we may be going to hell for saying it outloud, but we’re just being honest, not malicious.

And who can resist the hotness of fake redneck teeth! (well, except for maybe the garbage man who almost waved at me till he saw them and the trucker who gave me the confused look) Oh well....

They liked my devil horns, darn it!

God bless my friends. They make life VERY worth living. :-)

Tuesday, April 01, 2008

I feel out of sorts....

Today I woke up and started crying. For absolutely no reason. I honestly cannot tell you 100% why it happened. It just did. And the worst thing? I couldn't stop. I just laid there, wrapped my arms around my pillow and let it out. And I was still sniffly and teary when I was driving in to work. Maybe I had a warped out dream or something? It's like a sad little cloud has taken residence in my chest and mind. Now I just feel blah and very sad. Hope I shake this quick today. UGH....

Tuesday, March 18, 2008

I saved someone's life today...what will you do?

One of the more annoying traits about me (at least by my ex's standards) is that I tend to enjoy doing things for charity. (No, not for me, for OTHERS via non-profit pursuits) Guess it's just how I was raised and that little part of my soul that hopes when I die, I've done something good in this world.

I try to do at least one thing a month to help out in the community. Last month, it was a donation to the APL, next month, it'll be working the WVIZ auction and raising money for Q104's Pledge for Pets, and I am always working on special charitable events through work. Today it was giving blood.

I tell you this, not to toot my own horn, but to encourage you to do something similar. God gives us all things we can use to help ourselves and others. You can give from three basic categories:

  • Your Time (volunteering your physical self)
  • Your Talent (know how to build Web sites? Solicit donations? Create brochures? Sing a wicked song? What you are good at can be used to help)
  • Your Treasury (money or items with a monetary value)

Giving is not hard. People sometimes forget that giving back isn't all about the money. You can take something you love and turn it into a good deed. Maybe you love dogs, but your current situation doesn't allow you to own one. Volunteer as a dog walker or washer for your local animal shelter.

Cleaning your closets? Donate any unwanted items (in good repair) to the local Salvation Army or Goodwill.

Take giving blood today as an example - Granted, having someone jab me in the arm isn't the most pleasant of things, but it cost me nothing but 30 minutes of my time and a requirement to drink extra water for the next few days. And what does this simple donation of 1 pint of blood do? It can save up to four lives once it's processed into its most simple parts. That's pretty exciting when you think about it.

I'm throwing down a challenge to all of my friends. Over the next 6 months, think of something outside your normal routine and donate SOMETHING from one of the three categories above to a good cause. If you want suggestions or a partner in crime, ask me. Oh, and if you feel motived, post something about your experience in your blog as inspiration for the rest of us.

Who knows.... you might feel good and make new friends or discover a new passion. :-)

Sunday, March 16, 2008

Blue Canyon for my bday

The interior is beautiful. Love the different rooms, the huge chairs, the fireplaces, raw wood beams and big windows.

My bday dinner...

Grandma had sea scallops with sweet pean gnocchi and apple. Loved the sweet/savory contrast and the scallops were perfectly cooked. The flavored gnocchi was a nice change.

I had the pretzel crusted trout. It was delicious. Would certainly get it again. Came with roasted potatoes and spinach, I believe.

More bday dinner....

The world's largest plate of nachos. The chips were thick almost like deep friend pitas. I think that's the only think I would have changed about the dish. Because of their size, the chips tended to be a bit greasy and they overpowered the tasty crab, cheese, tomatoes and sour cream that topped them. A lighter, more airy chip or at least a less greasy one, would ahve been nice. They were tasty regardless.

Mom had sea bass on spaetzel. It was lovely. I could have eaten a bowl of the spaetzel all by itself.

Redneck kitty

Looking classy in a John Deere collar...

Poor herr bugito 2 wks ago

Can't wait till it's like this every day

My, what a BIG burrito you have...

Are you gonna throw it at me or eat it?

Guess you're gonna eat it! That's way more than a mouthful. One, two, three ole! Don't forget the smuggled limes and lemons. ;-)

Friday, March 14, 2008


Still life with limes....


I still am one of the stupidest people i know. At least i can admit it. Blah. Old people should not be impulsive and take the advice of song lyrics. That should be reserved for the young who don't know any better. C'est lavie...

Thursday, March 13, 2008

My monkey has a lobster costume....

You are jealous, I know. Don't be a hater.


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