Friday, September 12, 2008

"Oh crap!"

Surfing the channels last night and I came across what has to be the goofiest TV show I have ever seen. It was a train wreck and a half, so of course I couldn't tear my eyes away. (I waste many an hour of my life on stupid crap, what can I say) The show is Fox's "Hole in the Wall," and adaptation of a Japanese gameshow. I had 2 friends call/text me while I was starring at it to say "OMG - are you watching what I am watching?" A least I'm not alone is my loser-ness. LoL

Before I share my reponse to the show, let me help explain it to you. Remember those red puzzle ball's you (or a child you know) had as a baby - the ones where there were different shaped holes and little pieces you had to try and fit into the ball by shoving them through the correct holes? This is basically like that, but with people and the hole you have to fit in moves. Oh, and if you screw up, it knocks you into a pool of water.

And the people on the show - they have to wear the WORST outfits I have ever seen a human willingly wear. I'm sorry, but there is not enough prize money in the world to get me into one of those silver suits on national television - and I'm not exactly shy! They look like little human Chipotle burittos wrapped in foil, with every bump and curve on display for the world. Ummm. No.

Last night's show was apparently "try to see if fat people can fit through a tiny, tiny hole" night. Extra hell no. My boobs and butt simply would not work on this show - let alone the rest of me. GAH! They had on sumo wrestlers and some little chubby ladies called the Georgia Peaches. The one girl seriously cracked me up. I could feel her pain as she exclaimed "Oh Crap!" I would've said the same damn thing. My leg has not been that far behind my head since high school. Here's the snippet with her in it. I love the "Oh crap!" face. :-)

I could not stop laughing! I might check the show out again, just for the entertainment value, but I'm doing it strictly online so I can quickly skim for the good parts and skip the lames ones. You can check it out too, if you curious and want to waste some time -

I'm loving the comments (And shame on those of you who read my stuff and left none - this time it's your turn!) here's a question for you - would YOU go on this gameshow? Is there a gameshow you would LOVE to be on? Do tell, do tell!



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