Friday, July 06, 2012

My new walking partner...

I have a new walking partner... and hopefully soon I'll have two. Both are rescues....

Meet one of the newest members of the family, ZIGGY! He's estimated to be 1 - 1.5 years old, weighs in close to 60 lbs and is a pibble/Am staff mix. He's got some commands down great, but we're still working on the leash manners (and not chasing kitty siblings and a few other things). He's smart, all muscle, very high energy and a total love bug. He loves to do something called a "zoomie" whenever he's in the backyard. It's kinda crazy to watch and know how fast he is.

And his baby brother (Who's still a bit too wild child for walking with more than one person or animal at a time) GATO! He's a 5 month old, 28 lb ball of energy - boxer lab mix. Some days we swear he's part flying squirrel. He loooves his stuffed animals, especially his flea and elephant and has intersting hobbies including chewing his "chicken wings" (back legs), flying leaping off the sofa and bed and sitting on his head with his tush high in the air. He also thinks he is so cute that anyone within visual distance should pet him and fawn over him.  I tend to agree about the cuteness - look at that face!

So, these are my walking buddies. I'm hoping Ziggy and I can learn to run together at some point, but we're gonna take baby steps. :-)

Thursday, July 05, 2012

155 gone and I need YOUR help on the next one....and the next....

This was me in 2006...

At almost 400lbs I was tired, my knees and back and ankles hurt all the time. I'd get out of breath walking in from the parking lot to work. I was a sad state of affairs.

I've lost more than 155lbs. It's amazing and I'm thankful and excited I've come this far. But, now I'm on the plateau of doom. My big first personal goal mentally was to weigh what I weighted in high school. I'm 24 lbs away from that on a good day. I'm 60 lbs away from my dream goal. The place I really, really, REALLY wanted to be that I would consider myself a success in weight loss.  60 lbs?   Are you KIDDING me!?  Compared to 155 this should be peanuts and it's NOT. Anyone who tells you weight loss surgery is anything but a tool is a LIAR. It's a tool that helps you towards your goal. It's NOT easy and it's no magic wand. I knew that when I got my RnY Gastric Bypass surgery. And I committed to the lifestyle changes required to succeed with it. But, just like with anything I've had my bad days and I need a little kick in the arse.

I recently signed up for a biggest loser competition at work. First weigh in is next Monday. I have 12 weeks to kick my own butt and lose this last 60 lbs.  And I need help. If you are reading this it means I need your support and encouragement - to eat right, workout, sleep right and send some lbs kicking and screaming to a retirement village far, far away from my body.

I once read that a man had friends and coworkers "sponsor" a lb of weight loss each. They encouraged him and helped mentor him till the lb they sponsored was gone. Doing this by myself I've been lazy. Would you consider sponsoring a lb as my friend.... you can email me, call me or show up at my door and drag me for a workout during your lb. If you're interested, please comment below and claim your LBs in increments of two (since I'm not sure 60 people wanna kick my butt... but I'm hoping 30 do LoL) example"  I'll sponsor 1 - 2 lbs, 2 - 4 lbs etc....   I'll post here and on facebook once a week what the scale says and what my successes and failures were for the week. 

Thanks in advance for joining me on this journey to an even less fat, fat girl in flip flops.  :-)



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