Sunday, February 24, 2008

Birthday craziness

Tank rapping about something.... or saying "sweet" or "dude"

Giggling cousins. Tater Tot rocks!

We may look like lushes, but most of these didn't even get opened. We just wanted options. (I'm a bartender wanna be and think I am cool and would like to be a mixologist)

I kissed a boy...

And i liked it!

Goofy glowstick geeks

This is what happens when party guests play with glowsticks in the dark. They look like the dudes from Tron.

Ewick playing peek-a-boo with the camera.

Friday, February 22, 2008

More Stereo Deluxe

Stereo Deluxe

If you have not yet heard them I strongly suggest you stop reading this and go check them out right now. yes, you. Go. NOW. here's a link to help you:

They put on a great show last night. Very good music, very cool guys. And, even thought I don't wanna ruin their rocker street cred, they are some cutie patootie sweeties! LoL Had to say it. It's always nice to go see a show and then learn that the artists are just genuinely friendly, laid-back normal individuals. They are buddies with D, so he was in boy-bonding seventh heaven. It was very fun. Hope I get to see them again sometime. And next time they are in town, you better go. Or you're just a schmuckity schmuck.

(Side note: how funny is it the bar the performed at last night it part-owned Billy Morris, of Warrent. hahaha)

More karaoke

C sings Karaoke...

And I ended up with a backup singer. haha! The lead singer from Stereo Deluxe. It was funny and he was awesome to jump in and do that. Made my night. :-) (I didn't look all that great though.... teach me to go somewhere straight from work without time to primp...)

What was I singing? Bonnie Raitt's "Let's give em something to talk about."

My pals - Koski and D. Why does D always look like a muppet when I take pictures of him? I feel like I am living in a wacked out version of Fraggle Rock!

Sunday, February 17, 2008

At TGIFridays

Ewick playing with his pile'o meat.

Tater Tot, with a fork of course.

Tater Tot being cute at Grease Park

Went to Grease Park after a show at the Khameleon in Kent on Friday. It was a very cool show.... there was a guy there, who's name I sadly forget, but he was a beat boxer, who sang and beatboxed at the same time. I literally had my jaw hanging open for most of the time he performed. I have no clue how he does that and doesn't hurt himself. It was awesome. (Or, in rap people-speak "It was ill.") LoL Guy's name is "Amotions" Here's a video of him performing from MySpace -

Tater Tot's buddy Dibs was also very good. (You can check him out on Myspace here) She recommends you listen to the song "Mingle." Trust me.... everytime there is a CD anywhere in range with this on it, I have had to listen to it. Oi vey....

These guys come up to Cleveland (Beachland Ballroom, Symposium in Lakewood) every now and then, so even you Cleveland-bound people can check them out.

On a side note, have I mentioned lately that freaking lip rings can be distracting? hmph... so wrong, so wrong.

That's all I am saying.

Thursday, February 07, 2008

Tater tot & e

Friday, February 01, 2008


Half asleep at work...

Chef at whole foods

Yummy lunch at whole foods

Portabella, truffle and polenta stack...

Shrimp and Brocollini gnocci...

Pumpkin ravioli with squash and walnuts...

Mom's frog cupcake

Cute little frosting amphibians. Somehow it seemed wrong to eat him. But, he was delicious, and in no way tasted like chicken. :-)


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