Friday, February 22, 2008

Stereo Deluxe

If you have not yet heard them I strongly suggest you stop reading this and go check them out right now. yes, you. Go. NOW. here's a link to help you:

They put on a great show last night. Very good music, very cool guys. And, even thought I don't wanna ruin their rocker street cred, they are some cutie patootie sweeties! LoL Had to say it. It's always nice to go see a show and then learn that the artists are just genuinely friendly, laid-back normal individuals. They are buddies with D, so he was in boy-bonding seventh heaven. It was very fun. Hope I get to see them again sometime. And next time they are in town, you better go. Or you're just a schmuckity schmuck.

(Side note: how funny is it the bar the performed at last night it part-owned Billy Morris, of Warrent. hahaha)



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