Friday, January 11, 2013

Things that creeped me out while shopping...the Asian Market edition

I love Asian Markets. Heck, I love any kind of ethnically diverse store. But they leave a lot of opportunities for items to creep me out. Here are some the hubby and I have come across in recent months.

Flava Flave's Russian brother has found a job selling mustard. I think I'll pass on the "mustard mayo spread."
Love beef and fruit roll ups? Now you can have them together in one fruit meaty snack!

Baby bologna - now with more REAL baby! (The 3 roll, in the secod pic looks like a baby Donald Trump - it puts hair on your head!)
I admit, I really wanted to pass these out for Halloween. maybe nexct year. tasty dried whole fish snacks!
Nothing says "Yum, I wanna drink you!" like the name Sac Sac!
The hubby holding a fruit of doom. They smell like butt, taste like kerosene and have ther texture of snot.  Do NOT, I repeat DO NOT ingest a Durian. I tried one once without warning.  One of the few things I've actually spit across a room and gagged on. YUCK!

This hardened brown sugar candy was the size of my entire hand. Take that Jawbreakers!
I admit, I wanted to liberate all these little guys. I know they're tasty, but they looks so sad in their display case. I didn't feel like getting arrested though. Poor froggers.

Wednesday, January 09, 2013

Illustration Friday - Edge

This is my submission for last week's Illustration Friday topic, Edge.


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