Thursday, March 30, 2006

Illustration Friday - "Monster"

Nothing like getting it in just under the wire. Here's my entry in this past week's Illustration Friday. Just a little fun in Paint Shop Pro.

Friday, March 17, 2006

Illustration Friday - "Feet"

I missed last week's Illustration Friday, but this week's was too perfect to pass up! I did a self portrait of my own tootsies, in flip flops of course! This was done in Paint Shop Pro. (side note - the reason I didn't post last week is because I have some big news type stuff that happened in my life and I have not yet finished typing it up in a way that completely fits the joy it brought me and is still bringing me - I have to do that post justice, and I intend to post it soon - yippee!!)

Friday, March 03, 2006

Illustration Friday - "Insect"

This week's Illustration Friday entry is the "Beach Butteryfly Flip-Flopiuos." Another try at digital art using Paint Shop pro. I really need to buy a Wacom tablet if I keep up with this... yikes!

Thursday, March 02, 2006

More office toys

Originally uploaded by BBWFlipFlopGirl.
Hector, the animated, light up cat that guards my cube at work. He's surrounded by my collection of "fat" office trinkets. Am egg-shaped guy that was a promotional item for a printing business, a mooing cow Christmas ornament, a cute minature yellow bug that reminds me of my real one, a squishy pink stress pig and a Diet Slave figurine.

Much better day....

Originally uploaded by BBWFlipFlopGirl.
I feel wayyyyy less sleepy today, but my butt's still dragging a bit.

Got to test out my lovely new bowling ball last night. Over average all three games. Can't beat that. My average is 80 and I bowled 109, 109 and 85.

I'm thankful tomorrow is Friday and my official weekend is almost here. I'm reallygoing to appreciate the sleep I can catch up on and the time for just haning out in my craft room and doing something fun and mindless. Can't wait.

Oh, for a sneak peek into the office world I was coooped up in all this week, here are some images of a few of my cube tchotchkes....

Wednesday, March 01, 2006

27.5 hours total...

...and I am finally headed home to my comfy bed. I feel disgusting (most likely smell disgusting) and am so tired, I don't really care.


2 in the morning and still at work...

....and all I want to do is go home. (and no, I don't work the 3rd shift. I've been here since 8 a.m. yesterday) And I have no clue when I'll get to go home. Sometimes big projects with wicked deadlines suck.

Oh well, chin up. The work must get done. I hope my boy will forgive me. I know he hates when I am out late like this. :-/


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