Monday, November 03, 2008

Use your power, go vote!

I was taught from an early age that voting is important. If you don't vote tomorrow, you technically have no right to complain about anything the new administration does for the next 4 years or complain if your taxes go up because of a levy or you lose your job because a law changes. Why? Because you chose to not have a voice when you had a chance to be heard and counted. There is a reason people have died for this right. It's powerful!

Yes, the lines will be long. Yes, you will be surrounded by people with opinions different from your own. Yes, sometimes picking who and what to vote for isn't easy.

I have avoided talking about who I am voting for because as much as I'd love to share my political views with you, I think it's far more important for you to do a little research and make up your mind on your own. Only you know what is right for you and what you feel is best for our country. The people you are voting for make our laws, and act as the voice and face of our country to the entire world. The choice we make impacts everyone, even those outside of our borders. Trust me. As a person who lived outside of this country for a year, who our President is matters BIG TIME on how people in other nations view us. You would be amazed at what you see about politics and America on the news in Europe. Even though I have my degree in journalism, I am 100% certain that our "free press" isn't as free and open as we'd like to think it. We tend to live a very sheltered and selfish American-driven life.

If you're torn and need some help understanding the candidates and issues, visit the special voter's guide on that lets you view your local ballot by entering your address (

This video is a little outdated, because it asks you to register to vote. But, the points it makes are still valid. (and if you can't trust me, who better to trust than a crapload of famous people!?!) ;-)


Anonymous said...

Amen sister...further, please do not vote for someone based on appearance, race, etc. or on the crap slung in ads; vote on their platform...Now go in Cuyahoga County ends at 7:30 PM so you have to be in line before then to have a voice.

soar like an osprey said...

I used to love reading your blogs, you haven't written anything for ages... why no stuff for me to laugh at anymore?

FlipFlopGirl said...

Hi Les.... who are you? LoL Do you have a blog? I guess I should start cross posting my blogs again. I didn't think anyone read this one. LoL ;-)

soar like an osprey said...

LOL! Well, honestly I don't know you personally, and don't live near, I'm just follower of your blogging... heaven knows how I even came across it and started reading it in the first place, but I've been an "fan" about a year now.
It was early last year sometime when you seemed to be blogging a lot, but every entry used to make me laugh so much, that I always looked out for new ones. I bet you'd be surprised how many people actually read through stuff that's out there and totally unrelated to them.

Actually, I don't have a blog, do you think I should start one? :)

FlipFlopGirl said...

Well, nice to "meet" you! I actually was curious since I know a Les through work and was wondering how the heck he found my blog and why he never said anything. LoL

You made my day. Thanks for reading the blog! You'll be happy to know I have a new year's resolution to try and blog at least every other day this year. Since I'm turning 30 soon, I should have plenty to be traumatized about and share. LoL I actually have been blogging ion MySpace, just forgot to cross post. I've updated this blog now so all the new stuff is there.

I 100% think you should start a blog! They're a ton of fun and how else will I know anything about you? I'd love to check it out if you do. Keep commenting and let me know if you ever take the plunge. ;-)

soar like an osprey said...

Yeah, nice to fnally "meet" you too, just think, if you hadn't not blogged for a while here, you'd have been unaware that anyone otther than the ones you knew about, was reading it and missed it! ;) lol No, I'm not your work colleague!

Glad I made your day, afterall, you amused me so much on many days with your posts, so it's good to finally be able to return the favour :D

If it makes it easier not to cross blog, and you want to give me a link to your myspace url, then I'll read it on there, it'd be strange not to look here, but I could suffer it. ;)

Ok, I'm struggling with whether I should set a myspsce up for blogging, or just do it here in the open, but seeing as I never blogged before I need some hints on where to start! Don't worry, if I start you'll be there on the list!

I think you'll find plenty of stuff to blog about with your traumatisation of turning 30... woah! lol (kidding ;0 )

Anyway, you keep blogging, and I'll keep reading and commenting, deal? :)

PS thanks for cross posting!

FlipFlopGirl said...

Sounds like a deal to me! If you're already here, you can always start here. Blogger is easy to use. If you have a MySpace profile it's even easier. Perk there is you can control your audience, so if you're shy it's safer. If you have any questions on either, ask away! (I've converted quite a few people to blogging...)

LoL about the turning 30. Can I be nosey and ask how old you are?

soar like an osprey said...

I'll open a myspace, like you say it's more private and I can control the audience like that ;) If you give me some tips, then I'll have a go at it.

About the age thing, sure you can ask.... lol
Yeah its fine you can be nosey, I'll tell you, but not here, in myspace, ok? ;)

FlipFlopGirl said...

ok... let me know when you have a myspace account what your screen name is on there and I'll add you as a friend. I'm glad you're gonna try blogging! :-)


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