Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Happy German Girl!

Current mood: Glücklich (Happy)
Category: Glücklich (Happy) Life

Mom and I found the best German import store while wandering around near the Westside Market this weekend. It's called Hansa Import Haus (2717 Lorain Ave. Cleveland, OH 44113) They have a whole pile of my fave items: Duplo chocolate bars, Kinder Eggs, various Maggi and Knorr cooking items, baking items, killer beer, and magazines!!! I even got to practice a bit of my language skills.

I'm extra excited because this means I can finally make some of the baking recipes I've been hoping to try. (German baking soda, vanilla sugar etc, are a bit different that US ingredients, so they can drastically change the taste and results)

I'll post pics from my snazzy new phone tomorrow to show off my finds...the phone is the other exciting weekend news. My inner techie geek is VERY happy!

So, even though the weekend sucked because I spent a large chunk of it in my work cube cranking out a Web site, I founds some very happy highlights. :-) (yes, the Website is finally live and kicking, too. If you know the URL pop on and check it out. I'm rather proud of what JW and I did. If you don't know the URL, ask and I'll e-mail it. Not posting it here, sorry.)

Now, if you'll excuse me. I'm going home to read about the German opinion on our recent election choices (Spiegel magazine), while drinking a Warsteiner Orange (never had one before) and nibbling a cheese brotchen.... Ja, ja, ja!



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