Tuesday, December 04, 2012

exploding dog butts aren't fun...

Poor Gato, our 10 month old boxer lab mix was not feeling well last night. He gave my hubby some on-the-job parental training by exploding excrementorily on the faux wood kitchen floor. He then went on his merry way and proceeded to act like nothing was wrong. So what did the hubby do?  Continued to let him play in the house.

We've all had those days where we were sick and weren't quite sure if we could trust a fart. Well, with dogs, they don't know quite what to do when that happens, so they let'r rip!

You only get lucky to have poop on a hard surface once. Next bomb went off in our carpeted living room. Now we have a stinky carpet to shampoo, a frustrated/grossed out hubby and a dog who looks miserable and sad. (but at least now he's in his crate where we can contain the epidemic.)

Let's hope a day of no solid food, lots of water and some canned plain pumpkin do the trick!



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