Friday, December 07, 2012

Things that creeped me out while shopping...

I'm always fascinated by the random things that catch my eye in retail stores. A shopping trip to my fave big-box retailer yesterday, was too good not to share. Here's a few things that creeped me out!
Henna I can understand, but placenta! Gee, I've always dreamt of that "I just washed by hair with afterbirth" look for my hair and now I can finally get it for the bargain price of $0.98! 
I confess, I sniffed socks at the store They still had the sticky wrapper on them, so hopefully I didn't inhale scaley bits of human toe jam. Who can resist the siren call of "Aromatherapy liners" aka - socks that might smell like old lady Avon potpourri till this first wear and wash. Who are these marketed to?  This sounds more like something you'd put in your underwear, not your shoes. And just who is going around sniffing people's feet to make scented footwear a necessity. Wash your feet and mind personal space! If someone asks to smell my foot they deserve the torment they get.

I think they spelled the name of these wrong. It's SATAN, not Santa. Now you too can have nightmares about your snack cakes. Send them to school with your kid so they can connect with fellow demon worshippers in a non-threatening way!  Last time I checked the jolly fat man had rosy cheeks, but didn't look like he'd been skinned. Let me guess....  you have "Star of David Brownies" for Hanukkah as well, they just happen to look more like a pentagram. Little Debbie, I'm disappointed and a bit creeped.


Rebecca said...

Too funny... Thanks for the laugh :)


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