Thursday, December 06, 2012

A very belated haunt season summary

 For the second year in a row, I worked as an actress at Forsaken Haunted House in Mentor, Ohio. It's my sanity-saving fun! This year I was also a makeup artist, and had the opportunity to represent the haunt on the Fee's Kompany morning show at Q104. Here are some photos from this year's fun and festivities.

Before the Better in Mentor Days parade

2012 Cast Photo

My haunt alter-ego Eyelene Jo Francis. Eye Jo for short. She a tad crazy and likes cooking up trouble and people to keep the zombies from making a snack outta her.

Hosting the costume contest at work, I was apprehended by the Wonder Women, our 1st prize winners. Poor roadkill (my armadillo purse) went along for the ride.
On stage with the Q104 Fee's Kompany show DJs at the best of Cleveland party this year at the Rock Hall, while they intro'd a performer. This is what started the show Q104 fun!  (Guess it's not normal for a lady to show up to the party in full zombie makeup and a ball gown. Who knew! )
Hung out at Q104 for festive Friday the week after the best of party, "ripped" hos Alan Fee's face open and was invited back a week later for the festive Friday Halloween party, where I did the makeup of all the show hosts and interns. 

A few samples of my makeup work from this year!


Visited Bloodview Haunted House for a makeup workshop with Beki Ingram, one of the contestants from SyFy's Faceoff. (This was the like 8th or 9th contestant I've met - they are so inspiring!) had a ton of fun with the the Legion of Terror crew and appreciated them opening the haunt to us to learn and have fun!

Burn victim

Burn victim, close-up

Old lady (did the make up and photo bombed her pic!) The shading looks dark, but remember these were seen IN the DARK of a haunted house scene. Gotta be dramatic to show up!

My hubby, the zombie.

Chyna Doll

An attempt at using freestyle latex to make some infected, seeping wounds.

 Other fun stuff:

Made some jewelry for the merch cart - polymer clay dismembered zombie fingers, plucked eyeballs and brains.

Learned a little about how to make a mold using a sculpt and ultra cal. Was a ton of fun. This is the product of that learn experience. "peanut" (So thankful to my sister and brother-in-laws for allowing me to help in the process of making their amazing creation!)

Last year I received an award as Actor of the Year for the Manor. This year I was honored and humbled to receive the Hauntspirational Award as voted on by my fellow castmates.



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