Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Somewhat Weekly Observations

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Here's a roundup of things that have caught my eye recently...

Interesting article on Is cheating ever deserved?

This article makes me think and bothers me at the same time. I 100% don't think anyone ever deserves to be cheated on. How difficult is it to man up or put on your big girl panties and tell soemone that you're not interested and you want to go off and fiddle around with someone else: emotionally or physically. Please don't give me this "it just happened" BS. We're mostly adults. If crap "just happened" all the time we'd all be dead from not resisting the urge to stick our fingers in a light socket as a kid or eating something poisonous. An excuse is an excuse.

This goes for dating relationships, as well as marriage. Marriage just has an extra layer of "why."

Marriage is a vow between two people in the eyes of God. (and there aren't a lof of things in religion that God requires a vow on) You say you will take a person as your other half for the rest of your life: better or worse, richer or poorer, sickness or health. It doesn't have a get out quick clause, even thought some may treat it that way. If you're asking someone to marry you or you're saying yes too someone that asks, you should think long and hard, because life may not always be the easy/joyful/lady of plenty and health you are currently experiencing. Life happens, even when you're in love.

I think that people have to learn to respect and love eachother and work on things as a team. Why get married if you're still going to maintain the "I'm an individual and what I do affects no one but me." I guess I always thought the points was building something together. I think the way Kate treated Jon on that show was not always respectful or caring. I don't think that is a reason to cheat, but it was a reason to seek help and work on things. Sad to see instead all the craziness has driven them apart.

(Full disclosure - I was cheated on and that may taint my opinion a bit.)

Fat chick clothes - on the market, off the market?

A few weeks ago I saw an article in the NY times talking about a bunch of retailers dropping their plus size sections in stores and only carrying them online. I was bummed. Now, there's an article saying some stores are getting Plus sections and expanding them. Yay for more fashion choices!

Side note to designers: I'm a BIG girl. I know you've always had this vision of fat ladies in stirrup pants and cheesy mumu's with giant floral patterns on them. Please stop. That crap is nasty. If I wanted to look like a giant walking floral hedge, I'd plant my ass in a garden. Try for some trendy solid colors, and drop this fascination you have with shrubbery shit.

Toledo mayor breaks up fight, calls teen 'fatso'

I commend the guy for breaking up the fight. He didn't have to do anything but sit around and twiddle his thumbs, but was it necessary to call the kid fatso? That comment and others like it, is probably why he's so bitter and ready to scrap in the first place.

Slightly Chubby People Live Longer than Skinny People -

Suck it skinny chicks! Oh, sorry. (no offense nice/normal/non-lookie uppie downie skinny people - ask if you don't know what that means LoL) Got a bit carried away. Now if only I could get down to the "slightly chubby" end of the spectrum, instead of the "where's my harpoon" one... sigh...

Office people going crazy -

These videos are funny to watch but would be scary as hell to live. I do have to wonder why the people stood around and just watched the crazy man at work with a hatchet though. My ass would've ran for the door! Same for the one lady who keeps working while the guy is slamming around his computer. That was the perfect time for a potty break.


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