Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Dance your ass off! (OMG!)

Current mood: adventurous

I am gonna be a total loser and watch this!

The bald guy, Miles is adorable! And hot damn on that "boom, crack crack boom" move Pinky does. I think my butt would fall on the floor trying to do that.

I could be one of these crazy people, with my danceline background and 8+ years dance training. Oh, they days when I could go from standing to a kick split or from a floor move to standing without thinking about it.


I am *almost* tempted to submit a video for their little contest. A free trip would be fun, but I'm not sure it's worth internet ridicule for being a fat lady flopping around to a beat. (Hello? Next Star Wars kid, I don't think so.) Maybe I could just put their music over the top of old footage....? hmmmmm.....

***shake your money makers!***

I haven't blogged too much lately, so I'm hoping some of you are still out there. Question to test - do you like to dance? (in the shower or living room when vaccuming counts) What music gets your toes tapping?


soar like an osprey said...

I'm stili "out here". No you haven't blogged so much lately have you (where've you been anyway?) but you still make me laugh when I read your stuff.

Don't stop doing it, just the audience isn't saying much! :)

soar like an osprey said...

I'm still "out here". No you haven't blogged so much lately have you (where've you been anyway?) but I still laugh my head off at your stuff.
Don't stop just because the audience isn't saying much :)

DR said...

Here’s my question about this show:

As the contestants “shake and rattle their rolls” towards health, fitness and $100,000, are we supposed to be laughing WITH them….................or AT them.


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