Friday, December 05, 2008


Current mood: indifferent
Category: Writing and Poetry

I have no less than 14 half-completed blog posts/ideas just laying around in my writing drafts. Each time I open one, I add a little more or to it or do the "eh, maybe later" shrug.

I need motivation. I need a voice of reason. I need an editor.

So.... I am giving you, the READER, the power. In the comments below pick a number from 1 to 14 and those will be the posts I finish and put up here next. I'll complete them in the order your comments come in, so don't delay!

As a teaser on what you might pick, the pile of possibilities includes (in no specific order):

• info on my to-do before 30 list
• rants about MySpace ads
• upcoming goals
• my goofy obsessions
• thoughts on provocative quotes and poems
• a stupid survey
• Herbie dating stories
• a general flashback
• holiday wishes

Choose wisely.... or be bored outta your gourd!


soar like an osprey said...

number 7, ok? :D

FlipFlopGirl said...

LoL... deal.

soar like an osprey said...

Hmmm... What happened to number 7? I don't see any sign of this new subject. Not still procrastinating are you? ;) lol


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