Tuesday, August 08, 2006

Multimedia message

This delicious pic of an appetizer of calamari, eggplant rollatini, shrimp carlos, clams casino, Italian mussels and friend mozzarella (some missing because we dug in before taking the pic)comes thanks to our new "anniversary" restaurant. CBB (cute blonde boy) and I had our first date at a little Italian restaurant names James Dominics in Westlake. They had fabulous food and a nice ambiance - cute paintings of smashed tomatoes and sunshines on the walls and grapvines hanging over the patio. It was our anniversary restaurant - we went there every year on our anniversary and went to a movie afterwards. We went there several times a year due to food cravings, but the anniversary dinner was the most special time.

Sadly, the owner turned it into a sports bar type place that wasn't good at all - same look, horrible food. And recently, we drove past and it looks as if it has closed for good. So, for the last year we've been on the search for a new fabulous Italian joint we could call out own. We tried a few, but none matched up to James Doms, till now. The interesting twist is the new place is located right down the road from JD's in Bay Village. The place? Arrabiata's. Absolutely delicious food, a nice setting and the service is fabulous. First time we went, we didn't know we needed a reservation, but the hostess was still able to seat us within 5 minutes. I highly recommend them to anyone looking for a nice place to celebrate, or just beat a craving for fabulous Italian food!



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