Sunday, February 26, 2006

Happy Birthday to ME! :-)

I'm officially 27 years old as of Friday, Feb. 24.

I'm one of those people that will admit to loving their birthday. I think it's a special day to do something fun and just celebrate. If I had a choice, I would normally take my birthday as a vacation day. Due to a big project at work I've been kept mighty busy, but I still managed to enjoy myself by having lunch with my mom and one of my friends at Macaroni Grill, and then having dinner with my mom and my boyfriend.

Speaking of my boyfriend, he spoiled me again this year. I joined a bowling league not too long ago and have wanted my own ball for a while now. He got me the most perfect flaming ball and matching bag. (real pics to come soon) He also knew I was under a bit of stress from the above mentioned work project and went out and bought me a case of one of my absolute favorite German beers, Warsteiner! Yum.....

My mom got me the complete collection fo Rachel Ray cookbooks. I love her easy-to-make recipes. Time saving is a huge blessing when you work full-time and having normal-flavored things to make is good too, since I live with the world's pickiest eater over the age of 8.

More on the birthday fun later. Right now, work calls.


madretz said...

Happy belated birthday! :)


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