Monday, February 06, 2006

The fat girl is melting...

At work I sit in a small little loft area with three other people. It's a former storage area-turned office space. We've tried to jazz it up a bit with some cool furnishings and cube decorations and it's an ok place to sit (there are worse places). The problem with the space is that it has sound and ventilation issues - you can hear everything anyone else says or does and it's always either freezing or sweltering.

As a person of substance, I'm aware that I have a slightly smaller tolerance to heat than say, your average pixie or toothpick girl. Today that tolerance is being tested and destroyed by the fact that someone cranked the heat in our little area up to 85 degreees! 85 degrees?!! I think you can cook bacon and make cookies at that temperature. Even my grandmother, who is prone to being cold, would think 85 degrees was a bit much.

It was freezing outside today and for once I tried to be an adult and dressed for the weather. So, I'm sweating into a little flip-flopless puddle in my jeans, big wooly sweater and tennis shoes WITH SOCKS.

If it doesn't cool down up here soon (I turned the thermostat down to 60 - skinny people can layer, but no one wants to see the fat chick stripping down to her skivvies) I am so stuffing ice down my bra!



Dana S. Whitney said...

I'm "of substance" AND have hot flashes. The only cure that's worked (since breast cancer eliminated any estrogen therapy!!) is to cool the core temperature within by drinking gallons of cold stuff. In a pinch I also put ice on wrists, elbows and back of neck.
I love the flip flops in your banner. The "spring" iris is a lovely color.


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