Wednesday, August 04, 2010

Check it out - Lauren's Hope (I know I need one post-WLS)

I know that I need to get one of these now that I am a post WLS Gastric Bypass patient. Too many things a doctor needs to know about me if I'm passed out an unable to talk. I've been waffrling on whether or not to get one because they all seem kind of ugly/plain, but the medical alert items on this site are kinda cute and trendy. The kids stuff looks like it would be better for youngins and less traumatic than standard fare as well.

"If you own a WEBSITE or publish a BLOG, we welcome you to link to If you mention Lauren's Hope on your blog or website and post a permanent link to us, email the URL to: Once the link has been verified you will receive a 1 time $50 gift certificate."



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