Thursday, November 19, 2009

Interesting week....

Quick recap of FFG's life - still in the same job, living in same house and driving same HHR, dated a boy for a year, broke up with the boy (he 100% did me a favor) hit a deer (story for another time - poor Blu!), still bowling, being goofy with friends, trying to lose weight, get healthy and broaden my horizons as a human being. Oh, and I miss blogging and having near-strangers comment on my life. So, here I am. :-)

Now, onto this week -

Last weekend went on a road trip with friends to Columbus. Met a very interesting boy, got to see friend's get re-engaged officially with a very adorable proposal (I videotaped it), had some retail therapy and played in a whirlpool.

Oh, also had dinner at my cheesy fave chain restaurant, O'Charleys. Let's just say Cotton Candy Cosmos are way yummier than originally thought, and wickedly potent.

In general, it was just nice to escape from Cleveland for a bit. I need to go on another road trip soon - or plan a trip to someplace warm in Jan./Feb. (Maybe Vegas, Florida or Cali....?) I miss checking out new places and trying new things.

At work this week, pulled off a very cool project. I helped create a special dancing flash mob for a licensing announcement. I choreographed a short dance, taught it to about 75 employees from across the company and kept it all secret till it was performed at work. It was a lot of fun to shake things up a bit and get our employees excited/cheerful with something out of the ordinary. Now I just have to brainstorm the next big thing...

Looking forward to a four-day weekend next week, filled with turkey, family and possibly some holiday shopping. I have a pretty short list of people to buy for this year, which is nice. Means I can focus a little more and not feel rushed. Hopefully I can find the perfect items.

Still a TON of projects to work on for the house. Hoping I get my act together in the winter months since I won't be as motivated to run around.

To-do list includes:

- finish stripping wallpaper and paint spare bathroom
- paint/recaulk main bathroom
- convert computer room into fitness/dressing room
- finish organizing craft room (It's a scary disaster - so glad it has a door!)
- get carpets cleaned

Also considering one of those 101 in 1001 days lists. If I can come up with enough stuff, I may post that as a New Year's resolution of sorts.

Also have high hopes I will get a call from a local publication about something a bunch of friends and family nominated me for. (Hello, Cleveland Magazine. I'm cute, funny and gosh darn it people like me! And mt birthday's in Feb. How sweet a b-day gift would that be? )



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