Thursday, January 08, 2009

Before I’m 30...

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I am a list maker. I make lists when I pack for a trip, lists of what I need to do at work, shopping lists, lists of career goal stuff, lists of letters I need to write and places I need to see. You name it, I would probably make a list for it.

I once had a friend who had lists of things they wanted to do before they would hit each decade mark in their life. I thought this was a great idea, so I've kidnapped it. I kinda veered away from my "life list-making" in my early 20s. Guess I just thought it seemed a bit fuddy-duddy. But about two years ago I decided 30 was on the horizon and I needed to get cracking on a list, no matter how short.

I won't lie. This list has changed a little bit. A few things were added and a few removed, but I am in general happy with the result. It's not long because I procrastinated, but I've already started the list of things to do before 40! LoL I do wish I had started sooner and given it more thought though...

Here's what I decided to accomplish before Feb. 24 of this year:

1. Buy a house - Done....This was always on my list of things to do in my head, and I did it before I even wrote the official list. Sadly, now all I wanna do is sell the house and find a new one. LoL Go figure.
2. Learn to twirl fire poi - Done.... I may not be great at it, but I haven't set myself on fire yet! (knock on wood)
3. Breathe fire - In progress....I have been practicing the spitting of the water, the flammable liquid and have made the wick stick. I've consulted with flair bartenders on safety issues and taken an online training course, but I still have yet to do this. I need a calm day with absolutely no breeze, a few friends with safety equipment and I have to get up my nerve. I'm kinda partial to my face, hair, eyebrows and the lining of my lungs. I will do this soon, but only once! I admit, I am afraid I'll get all excited when I actually do it and suck back air, which is a big no-no.
4. Learn a new craft - Done.... I started fiddling with polymer clay when I first made the list and I've gotten pretty good at make useless crap with it.
5. Get a tattoo - In progress....My grandmother remembered me saying that I wanted to do this and has gifted me with one for Christmas. I'll be going to get it this month! (Did I mention I hate needles?) When it's all done I'll take a pic and post it, otherwise you'll never see it as it'll be well hidden and corporate-appropriate.
6. Support a new charity every month for a year - Done.... Last year I picked a different organization each month and did something for them. Donated money, time, supplies, attended events)
7. Kiss someone new - Done.... please don't judge me too much. This was a late addition. Admittedly after being with the same person for 6 years, and getting cheated on in spectacular, Jerry-Springeresque fashion, I decided I needed to take action and do something and after all that this seemed about as rebellious as I was ready to go for the moment. I think it just reminded me there are other fish in the sea and hello? kissing is fun! Kinda cheesy and lame, but whatever. Did I mention kissing is fun? (see past post with mention of how I spent my 29th birthday and you'll know how I scratched this one off the list LoL) I think it should be a rule you get kisses on every birthday! LoL I woulda left this off the list and not told you, but I am trying to be full-disclosure so that wouldn't be quite fair.
8. Find and buy knee-high leather boots - Done... I love, love, love knee high boots. I think they are super duper hot and I've always wanted a pair. But, since I am blessed with giant calves and they tend to be kind of expensive, I thought I'd never get a pair. I actually bought two pair - one in brown and one in black. And they were on sale. Go me!
9. Learn to play guitar - Postponed.... I decided to hold this one off till the 40th list as I was lazy and didn't do much of anything towards accomplishing it, other than having Dan re-string and tune my guitar for me. It's just a crappy little acoustic, but it's my crappy little acoustic! (Thanks, Dan!)
10. Figure out who my dad was - Doubtful to ever happen......This will probably never get crossed off my list, but I'm stubborn. I'm putting it on every list till I die. It was what I asked for on my 18th birthday, as a graduation gift from college and as a wedding present if I ever get married. Maybe at some point my mother will give in and give me his last name. I doubt it though. Sigh.... I'll tell this story another day. Just not in the mood to elaborate right now.

After my birthday, I'll post the list for 40. It'll be kinda fun giving online play-by-plays on the status I think. Till then, I'm still tweaking.

Anyone else make lists? Humor me - let me know 3 things you want to accomplish before you hit your next decade mark! Yes, this means ALL of you! No fair reading and not sharing. :-P


soar like an osprey said...

When you actually manage to breathe the fire, be sure to ponytail your hair, the idea of what you look like if you became a human torch and lose the hair along with the eyebrows and eyelashes, might just not be quite so appealing to those guys on the "kiss list".
Oh yeah, and how about you post some pics of you breathing fire, and wearing the knee boots while showing the tattoo? Couldn't that make the list too? ;D :D:D:D

Btw, the sauerkraut looks yumm, do you eat bratwursts with it too? You must have!

FlipFlopGirl said...

LoL I am planning on putting the hair in a bun, and wrapping it in a soaking wet Turbie Towel. (Yes, A hot look, I know) LoL I like my hair long wayyyyy too much to torch it. I'll have to see what I can do about the boots and the tattoo... LoL

We actually did pork ribs in the kraut this year on day one, brats on day two. hehe

soar like an osprey said...

Oh wow, a turbie towel as well as the fire breathing trick? You have to post it on youtube, anything else will just be cheating your readers out of the eroticsm of the event! lol yeah, see what you can do about the boots and tat, we're all waiting! ;) :D

Ribs and kraut then brats and kraut on consecutive days? Talk about self-indulgence! You'll say next that you had chocolate ice cream for desert! mmm.

soar like an osprey said...

Oh and a suggestion re the turbie towel... Black might be a good color? hehe.


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