Friday, July 18, 2008

Fat Princess - Seriously?

There is a new game that is supposedly coming out for PS3 called "Fat Princess." There's info about it on the PlayStation US site that backs it up as more than a rumor. (

Seriously people. What are you thinking? Do you think I should pat you on the back because the little villagers still want to save their beloved princess even if she's blown up like a Macy's Day balloon since they last saw her? Should you be applauded for not just killing her off to put her out of her fat misery? Or should I do exactly what I am about to do and tell you this is lame. LAME! Wanna portray someone of size in a better light? Make a smoking hot fat chick (or even just a thick chick) a heroine in one of your games. Or at least make her a character option so I don't always have to pick the waiflike, slutty costume, ginormous fake boobs that would just get in the way, "I look like my wrists would snap in real life and I really need a cookie" girl options you leave me with when playing any sort of video game. Granted, I don't play games that much, but when I do get a chance to kick the butt of my guy pals, I'd like to do it in style! I'm sure Les Toil would be more than willing to concept something suitable for the gaming industry if they don't have any artists that can acknowledge curves. (He makes fat women look like cartoon goddesses! Thanks to him, Peter Paul Rubens and Fernando Bottero I was first inspired to believe that even though I'm big, I can still be sexy/pretty/hot, whatever you want to call it. )

As you all know I am a fat chick (Hello? If you didn't know, you shouldn't be shocked based on the name of the blog) so I tend to have serious opinions on this kind of thing. Doesn't mean that I wouldn't like to be thin(ner), just means I accept who I am no matter what. I'm never going to be a size 2. It's not in my genetics. (They'd have to cut bones out or something LoL)

But, I digress...



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