Friday, May 30, 2008

A cougar?

Someone at work (a guy) called me a cougar yesterday because I'm 29 and dating someone who's 5 years younger than me. What the heck? Does this make me a cougar? It's not like I trolled the bars looking for younger guys.... or that I am only attracted to younger guys. I just met him, liked him and it happened to be that he was younger. It wasn't like "damn, I want me some fine young 24 year old tush!" and that was all I was looking for. LoL I wasn't really looking. He was just there, fun and really, really cute!

Personally, I picture someone in their 40's, who looks younger than her actual age and dresses like a twenty-something, that only hits on young guys in bars. (picture skanky halter tops, mini skirts and heels...that may or may not look good) This is a cougar to me.

People - help me out here before I get a complex. What do YOU define as a cougar?


Sleepy Scott said...

At 29 you are definitely too young to be a cougar.

According to urban legend, a cougar must be at least 35 (My opinion is at least 40).

Also, to determine if your relationship fits the cougar mold, there is the "half your age plus seven years" test. According to this rule, anyone over the age of 22 is the appropriate age for you (at age 29) to date. If you date anyone younger, then you are “robbing the cradle” so to speak.

Hope this helps.


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