Monday, January 30, 2006

Cheers to 2006 (a little late)

I still need to finish making an ultra-fab template for this site, but I also need to start moving forward with my New Year's resolutions! I need to start streching my brain and working out my writing muscle. I think part of my blahness in the last year has been from a lack of putting words to digital paper. The more I get what I am thinking - good, bad or otherwise out of my head and into a more solid format - the better off I am.

Other things I need to work on in 2006:
  • Getting organized at work and home
  • Starting doing something that resembles a workout a few times a week (bowling doesn't count) Swimming, walking, dance aerobics?
  • Set crafting goals for myself and meet them. Maybe one project a week or every other week?
  • Get my very cute and flabulous ass whittled down to one size smaller (cute jeans in the storage bin, here I come!)
  • Start taking better care of myself in general - get haircuts and dye my hair on a regular basis instead of "when my roots start showing wayyy too much," do something with my horrid and nibbled fingernails, start some sort of skincare regimen, paint my tootsies on a more regular basis (Can't have flip flop queen sporting nastie piggies - ewwww)

At least that's a start. We'll see where things go. More on who the heck I am and what the heck I'm up to this year coming soon...



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