Thursday, March 26, 2009

Weekly observations ('In the News' doesn't cut it)

Oh my lord! There's too much good stuff to share this week. I need to make more regular posts apparently. Trust me, most of these are at least worth a quick clickie-poo. Check

Mind Of Man: Now Playing—Crappy Love Songs

You must read this post for 3 reasons:

1. I can relate to the topic. Certain songs will always make me think of certain moments or people. It's like a switch that gets turned on in my head. Let's call it the soundtrack of my life.

2. This line is hilarious: "I’m amazed my testicles haven’t withered like yesterday’s birthday balloons."

3. Any man who wants to make out to "Glory Box" by Portishead is alright by me. That's a seriously sexy & seductive song. (See the playlist at the bottom of the post if you've never heard it. Cold shower may be required. You've been warned.)

Men's sock subscription service launches in US

Are you kidding me? Guys - for that much money, I will seriously go to Wal-Mart once a month and personally buy you a pack of socks. Hell, for $100 more I'll even pick you up a pack of man panties (boxers, briefs or boxer-briefs. No banana hammocks, please. I don't wanna know). I could be a sock-wife for hire! Pimping myself out to the masses for the moola.

Doctors Say Having Sex Is Like Getting $50,000 Raise

Let's be honest. As soon as you're born, you need money. The whole sex thing is a want, not a need. And it doesn't come into play till you're older and hopefully mature and responsible. A human could live the rest of their lives without nookie, but money is kind of a requirement. That said, am I wrong to say I'd rather have the money? Not that the other isn't nice and doesn't have it's own merits.... but $50,000 a year worth of merits?

When Economy Sours, Tootsie Rolls Soothe Souls

I wonder how much Tootsie paid for that free ad? Wouldn't a more unbiased headline have been "Candies Soothe Soul"? It's true though. Many women have always turned to chocolate and sweets in times of stress. Nice that the rest of the world is finally catching up!

Experts say play time can relieve stress in bad times

Think my neighbors would start talking if I go to the park down the street and played on the swingset? It does sound fun. I'm all for the board games and fun! I miss game nights... sigh

Built-in Whale Tail

What the heck will they think of next? Are you kidding? They should change the jeans brand name to "Skankies."

And since I've assault your reading and listening skills, here's a few images from the news I found fun and beautiful....

Love it! It's an ad duel!

Blackberry shoots Apple:

Apple's response:

When I studied religions in college I always found Buddhism and Hinduism fascinating. Their religious have unique concepts and things like the Holi festival of color are so beautiful (and the people look so happy!):

I think seeing this float by in downtown Cleveland would make me smile, and freak out just a tiny bit:



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