Thursday, August 21, 2008

Looking for a home: Mr. Harry Houdini

This cute little guy was the runt of the family. He was bottle fed and raised by hand. He has all his shots and a clean bill of health, is box trained and almost 4 months old. He's still very small, but has a voracious appetite. Sometimes he eats so fast and fervently that he gets food stuck up his nose! Very lovable and playful, with a motorboat purrbox. He's a tough guy though. Not at all afraid of the adult cats in our home. He'll play with any of them and loves it! Know anyone looking for a cute little addition to their family? Let them know about Harry! He seriously needs a family of his own to love!

Harry protects his chipmunk ferociously LoL


Mombi said...

The close-up of him just KILLS me! He's so stinkin' cute!!

Since I can't have him, can you keep bringing him in for visits?


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