Tuesday, August 12, 2008

New kittens from the feral colony a.k.a. "the army"

My mom lives in rural Ohio and has become a cat lady, by no choice of her own. People are always abandoing cats on or near our property and they always find their way to her. The neighbors also have barn cats they refuse to fix (which is annoying as all get out) so, my mom's yard has become a feline paradise and she feeds them twice a day, attempts to get them medical care and we are working to get all the females spayed. Not an easy task since many of these cats are untouchable. Sigh...

A whole pile of ratlings... err, I mean kittens!
They are so goofy looking when they are this small.

This one my mom has started calling "the ghost"


Mombi said...

When can get get Harry Houdini pics posted?? ;-)


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