Thursday, September 14, 2006

The chinese food experience

Once every so often for lunch, my friend Julie and I go to one of the “approved” Chinese Food Buffets near work. (approved just means we or someone we know have been there before and it’s not gross) Usually it’s out of the kindness of Julie’s heart that we go. She’s not a big fan. I, on the other hand, could eat Chinese food everyday and be happy as a clam.

We have two very different approaches to tackling the massive mix of food that can be found.

What I eat:

What Julie eats -

You'll note that J's plate is a bit more neutral in color and the items selected tend to be of American origin or very "safe." Granted, this is plate number two and we see lychee fruit (a shocking foriegn addition), some summer melow, tapioca pudding, pineapple, Jello and some marshmallow abrosia salad. If you'd seen the first plate it would have shown baked chicken cordon bleu, a fried crab rangoon, a cup of wonton soup, friend dumplings, a small tuft of lo mein, and various other foods in a mostly beige color palette.

My plate? Lord know what you'll find there on any given day (and sometimes he's not sure) For the most part, I'll try anything that doesn't involve eyeballs or distictly creepy animal body parts, like purple pickled squid or fried chicken feet. (Have you ever been to a chicken farm?? They walk through their poop all amount of scrubbing would be sufficient... yuck!) My staples are anything with chicken or shrimp, the garlic green beans, sauteed zuchini, mushrooms, bright yellow noodle and rice combos and questionable mixes of veggies and meat with no specific names. Love the stinky stuff.

Sadly, I am cursed with a CBB that cannot stand Chinese food. Heck, he won't even eat the American stuff on the buffet just to keep me company if I want to eat there. Oh well.

Julie has the reverese at home. Her hubby is a huge stinky Chinese food fan. He even likes sushi and Indian food. Julie rocks because she's a Chinese food buddy for him and for me. He's one lucky guy.

Now, if only I could get CBB to do that.....sigh...



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